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In my project, I am inclined towards observing my behavior and reflecting upon the underlying reasons thereof, delving into my multifaceted identities, contemplating strategies to achieve equilibrium between my research pursuits and personal desires, and grasping the proper disposition to confront the surroundings. My overarching ethos is that of "exploration and balanced hedonism".

Regarding the notion of "exploring and balancing hedonism," I intend to express hedonism through various sensory perceptions of the human experience. I constantly contemplate the possibility of employing painting techniques, deploying a combination of installation art and painting, and pushing the boundaries of conventional two-dimensional painting methods, thereby creating a distinct sensory experience for the audience.

During Unit 3, my focus centered on imbuing my artwork with heightened emotional value to evoke a deeper resonance within the audience. In pursuit of this objective, I embarked upon an exploration of my own artistic boundaries and delved into the depths of my inner world. This involved the adoption of a masked persona and the implementation of performance art as a means to uncover and express my innermost self.

Moreover, I sought to enrich my visual language by venturing into the realm of multimedia experimentation. I engaged in the deliberate utilization and fusion of diverse artistic mediums, aiming to expand the expressive potential of my work. By embracing this approach, I aimed to cultivate a more nuanced and impactful artistic practice.

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