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Professional Skills Off-campus exhibition  / Volunteer project experience

29/08/2023 Self-reflection and evaluation


Through The Looking Glass 

Virtual Tour available at:

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“Our suffering does not stem from impermanence itself, but rather from our desire for permanence in circumstances that are inherently transient. The beauty of art lies in the sublime ability to express, translate, preserve, and immortalise the human experience.


A fragment of memory, a trace of presence, a cunning metaphor, a mesmeric tale, a taste of loneliness, a morbid curiosity, a parade of dreams. The untamed desires and untold truth, the overlooked beauty and fleeting moments. Captured by the eyes, and reshaped by imagination, through the hands of the creators, they weave their way into reality, giving emotions a tangible shape and preserving the transient in time. The artwork is a manifestation of the mind - a vehicle for imagination, a conduit for perception, and an intimate invitation into the unique perspective of its creator. Through the looking glass, there lies the wonderland. We may be lured, provoked, challenged, or inspired, we may find ourselves in awe or dismay. And at times, our individual narratives converge, the longing to understand and be understood surfaces, and we may relate, despite all our differences, transcending time and distance. And in that moment, however brief, we would know that we are not alone.


Welcome to wonderland. Together we would experience art, from imagination to creation, fantasy to reality, mind to mind.”


OP1: Thorns and Spider Webs

OP2: Thorns 

Texting with drawing



Mr.Swan, 2023, digital drawing, MDF, 49×60cm

​In the previous works of Mr. Swan, I have been thinking about doing tests based on the original works, so that the original 2D works can break through the original space and become 3D. The exhibition at Mall Galleries gave me this opportunity. I made sketches, proofs, and sample backups before the 3D studio closed, because I knew that the summer studio was not open to the public, and I had to do it before participating in the exhibition. To ensure that the works are foolproof, this exhibition is the first time I have participated in an exhibition outside of school, and I am responsible for the entire process. Therefore, while ensuring safety and health, I must also ensure the safety of the work. During the escort process, I used bubble wrap, which is a very good material for protecting the work. To ensure the safety of the "thorn", I specially added bubble wrap between the "thorn" and a layer of MDF. So after the escort was over, the completion of the work was very good.


After the later development, I invited many friends to come. This opening was also a learning opportunity for me. For the first time, I learned that Gallery thinks about the structure of inviting people in the process of inviting people. Like does the media exist? Will the media cover the news? Are there critics? Are there any real buyers? Likewise, I started thinking about the style of the works I would sell, for example, were they oil paintings? Or sculpture? Or devices and so on. I will also refer to their pricing and quantity sold. It turns out that not many works were sold in this exhibition, but interesting and cheap artworks sold quickly. Oil paintings are also popular with buyers. The number and price of works sold also test the market and living space of artists. It is worrying and makes me think about whether to carry out my reforms.

16/09/2023 Self-reflection and evaluation - London Design Festival | On Purple 

The theme of this exhibition was proposed by me at the beginning, but the agency staff did not invite me to participate. After my careful communication, I was finally allowed to participate for free. However, the process was very twists and turns, which affected my emotions for half a year. , I just finished setting up the exhibition on the opening day. This was also my second time participating in an exhibition and my second time moving goods. This time I shipped sculptures for sale, but I did not package or ship the sculptures. The method is bus transportation. This transportation process told me that I must package any works, because during the bus transportation, some passengers thought that my sculptures were handrails and touched them. This made me feel very unhappy. At the same time, Along with concerns about the artwork.


Fortunately, it seems that the final station will be held as scheduled, but I have always had great opinions on the organizer this time. Because they have no plans and principles in doing things, they keep wasting my time and energy. This experience taught me that even friends should explain clearly and establish the contract when encountering copyright-related issues, because this is The only means to protect the rights and interests of both parties.


On Pueple's poster

Gallery's outside

Gallery moment



Reincarnation, 2023, digital drawing,MDF, wood, steal, leather, leather


The remainder of this writing focuses on two questions posed recently by my tutor and peers:

1. Can you identify a moment during the Camberwell MA Drawing journey, where your relationship to drawing either shifted or became clear in terms of a specific research practice focussed on drawing?  


In Unit 1 I focused on Confucian cultures (mainly China, Japan, and Korea), in which the decline in natural fertility has resulted in babies becoming a luxury. After the first unit of research, I found, from speaking to peers, they enjoy the present and their happiness so most people are not seeking to get married and have children. I found that the problems with why nowadays people don‘t want to get married and have a baby and the results people enjoy their present happiness of my research needed to be covered in one sentence and further thinking, so at the beginning of the Christmas vacation, I thought about "hedonism" and conducted research on "hedonism", at the beginning the unit 2, I identified several understandings of hedonism and chose a meaning I could apply to myself. …and finally decided 'Explore and balance your hedonism'.  I prefer to call it exploration and balanced hedonism. Based on the input from Unit 1, I decided to concentrate more on the theme of hedonism itself. I talked about the type of hedonism I wanted to pursue, contrasted it with the type of hedonism I had previously, considered whether there was a difference, and considered whether it was connected to social phenomena.  It caused me to reflect on mortality and apathy, so I considered including pieces that dealt with the issue of death in Filet's exhibition. In terms of the actual extension of the hedonistic work, I'm considering creating art using human senses, but because of my strong visual sensitivity, I still want to create art using drawing but with various three-dimensional expressions to eliminate the original drawing's possibilities. I'm looking for fresh innovations because I utilise laser engraving too regularly. The first method is to make laser engraving more entertaining and fascinating. The smell of burned wood released by the Laser cutter after burning is also a "hedonistic" nod to the senses. The second method is to reconsider the use of technology and various media. And thinking about drawing since I entered the MA: drawing course. I have been thinking about my themes, works, and my relationship with drawing. I have been avoiding my strengths - digital drawing. Because I was quite busy at work before, I didn't have much time to return to traditional drawing, which is what sticks with me the most. It's a digital drawing, but I finally discovered that digital drawing is also drawing. I can combine it with the background I designed to create different things. So after combining it with Laster Cutter, I found this to be a very useful thing, and then I started to try it. Use my different expertise and media to find a connection with drawing. In the Summer Show, I also tried to break the traditional way of drawing and use a variety of media, such as LED lights, Laser cutters, leather, discarded chairs, and wood. Digital drawing is also drawing, everything has lines, and drawing is also blended into different substances.


2. What is drawing research within your practice?  


Drawing research is a multidisciplinary field that explores the act of drawing, its processes, and its outcomes from various perspectives. It encompasses both artistic and scientific approaches and can be found in fields such as art, design, psychology, education, and even technology. In drawing, I study the relationship between themes and materials. I use painting methods and media as the basic logic to create the possibility of painting, allowing painting to blend into everything and bring everyone a different experience. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-01 at 22.42.19.jpeg

For this poster, I used the works of 11 students majoring in Drawing who participated in the exhibition and turned them into a new poster.


Poster Designer/Animation Artist - Oli Li

The installation process is also a learning process. I’m watching how everyone installs and how they analyze and comment on each other’s artistic creations. For me, the most favorite thing to observe is to think about the logic of everyone’s observation and analysis of things and works. When Susan Askew's books are hung high, people feel a strong deterrent, and they can't help but read. I really admire Susan Askew's writing ability and logical method.


I will miss these lovely people after I leave the Studio.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-26 at 19.34.33.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-10-26 at 19.36.55.jpeg

Show Moment 

​Artist book , 2023, MDF, handmade paper, 81×81cm

​Artist book , 2023, MDF, handmade paper, 81×81cm

​Artist book sample , 2023, MDF, handmade paper, 5×10cm

​Artist book sample , 2023, acrylic, 5×40cm

15/10/2023 PRETTY DOOMED  |  An alternative art fair questioning the

sustainability of underground artworlds |  Powered by Ugly Duck and Queer 'Art Projects

Volunteer project experience


This is my first time to participate in an off-campus Gallery activity as a volunteer. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am very happy to have such an opportunity. There are too few such activities in China, and there are many restrictions. During this event, most of the volunteers and staff came from sexual minority groups. This was also my first time working with people from this "big family". I also felt unprecedented equality and a state of tolerance. 


In this volunteer activity, I learned the time arrangement and time planning of the off-campus gallery, as well as the ability and skills to communicate with others while helping to sell magazines. In the packaging stage, learn the special packaging methods for oil paintings that are not easy to package. For example, you can use cartons to wrap easily damaged parts of oil paintings. When removing oil paintings from the wall, they should be placed on foam film. Because I majored in Drawing, I don’t have many opportunities to actually come into contact with the packaging of oil paintings.


Similarly, I began to think about whether I need to create some works about the LGBTQ community as well, because I rarely see artists from China working on this topic, and the treatment of Chinese sexual minorities in every era and stage is the same. It’s different, but not many people have the courage to create and explore it because they may be affected by policies.


Responsible for packaging works

Responsible for selling ZING

03/11/2023  Crypt gallery| ‘OBSCURA - SHADOWS AND WHISPERS ’.

Future exhibitions


"La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos imposibles; unida con ella, es madre de las artes y origen de las maravillas."

("Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels")

- Francisco de Goya


It is often said that the most profound thoughts and ideas reside in the shadows, hidden from the glaring scrutiny of the public gaze. This exhibition, in its dedication to these very shadows, seeks to pull forth and illuminate the undercurrents that often remain obscured. From the loss of identity to the rediscovery of purpose, the works herein traverse a spectrum of experiences, reminding us of the impermanence and fluidity of human existence.


Behind every stroke of paint, behind every chiseled stone or whispered audio, lies a universe of thought. Beyond the surface, lies a deeper testament to the importance of thoughts and the rigorous research underpinning artistic practice. Each piece stands as a testament to the hours of introspection, study, and experimentation. The artworks are not mere expressions but carefully crafted translations of complex ideas, painstakingly researched and brought to life on canvas, sculpture, and multimedia installations.


"Obscura - Shadows and Whispers" extends an invitation to wander through the labyrinthine recesses of hidden thoughts and the profound narratives of what is lost and subsequently found. It is a reminder that the realm of art is not solely the dominion of spontaneous inspiration, but equally of methodical exploration and understanding.


The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras New Church

The Crypt at St Pancras Church has been a vital nexus for contemporary artistic dialogue, channeling the nuanced imaginations and sentiments of 21st-century artists to a global audience since 2002. 

Open Call link:

Thinking before exhibition

The works I am exhibiting at Crypt Gallery this time are the images "Violet Fireworks" and "Purple Moonlight" from the "On Purple" work. During the Summer Show, I didn't have enough time to prepare before the show, so the video didn't play regularly. The other two questions are about the flow of people visiting the exhibition. Because my room location was very difficult to find and I didn’t have enough time at that time, I lost an opportunity to record feedback from visitors, so I will take good care of the visitors’ feedback and emotional changes during this exhibition.

On Purple

On Purple, 2023, digital drawing, MDF, wood, steal, LED Lighting

Violet Fireworks

Violet Fireworks, 2023

Film content of the “On Purple” space installation

03/11/2023  Crypt gallery| ‘OBSCURA - SHADOWS AND WHISPERS ’.

Future exhibitions

「大音希聲 」Great Sounds Seek Silence Exhibition


Exhibition Dates: November 24th - November 30th, 2023

Location: Exhibition Space, St. James Hatcham Building, Goldsmiths, University of


Curator: Julia Deng Hanzú

“The Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London, is pleased to announce this open call for artwork submissions for our upcoming Great Sounds Seek Silence Exhibition, which will investigate the dichotomy of sound and silence. This intriguing new exhibition is set to be an immersive, stimulating and thought-provoking

experience for both exhibiting artists and attendees.”


The work on display at the "Great Sounds Seek Silence Exhibition" is "Vortex Dream". It was also exhibited at Bargehous Gallery before, but due to limited time and problems with the installation process, the work was not well displayed. So in this exhibition, I will seek new installation processes and consult with Woodwork technicians to discuss how to solve this problem. The current installation method I am thinking of is to make wooden boards behind the work, and then use the mortise and tenon process to inlay it on the wall.

Vortex Dream

Vortex Dream,2023, digital drawing, MDF, 2×1.6m

Future Plan

The following methods will be performed simultaneously: 

1. I will participate in CSM’s job fair on November 1st. Because I used to do graphic design, I will try to find a creative design job. This is a path of working as a designer and an artist in the early stage.

2. Similarly, I am currently looking for relevant job opportunities on different museum and gallery websites to understand this industry more thoroughly.

3. Strive to deliver Open Calls with valuable content and a profound academic background.

4. Apply for an artist residency

5. Submit awards related to art and design

6. Complete the application for a doctoral degree before the end of January. Although it is just an attempt, I want to try whether I have this qualification.

7. After having certain exhibition experience and winning certain awards, I will try to apply for the "Global Talent" visa.

截屏2023-10-30 13.34.46.png

Overall Professional Skills

Throughout my enrollment in the Camberwell MA Fine Art: Drawing program, I have acquired a diverse skill set encompassing woodworking, metalworking, ceramics, digital fabrication, printmaking, digital printing, and photography through the 3D Workshops, subsequently attaining proficiency in these disciplines. This educational journey has facilitated the ongoing refinement of my creative aptitude, fostering mastery in a spectrum of artistic media, including painting, sculpture, video, and photography, while enabling the exploration of various styles and techniques.


Regarding the curation and presentation of my artwork, I have acquired expertise in the art of exhibition design, encompassing the strategic arrangement of artworks, optimal spatial lighting, and the orchestration of visual narratives, all aimed at captivating the viewer's attention and conveying the depth of my artistic ingenuity.


In the realm of academia, I have consistently pursued supplementary academic coursework each semester and have demonstrated a commitment to elevating my scholarly achievements with the support of academic resources.


Proficiency in the effective utilization of the internet and social media for promotional purposes has been integral to expanding my artistic visibility and fostering connections with a diverse audience and fellow artists. My grasp of management and organizational skills has been honed, equipping me with the capacity to manage exhibition budgets, liaise with venues, and oversee facets such as sales, logistics, and security.


Engaging with exhibitions has also afforded me valuable experience in responding to critiques and feedback, thereby nurturing my ongoing artistic development. Constructive feedback from audiences, critics, and peers has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of my creative work.


Concurrently, my engagement in charitable endeavors, including volunteer activities, has facilitated meaningful connections with individuals from various philanthropic organizations, notably within the LGBTQ community, thereby broadening my network with diverse minority groups on a global scale.


Furthermore, exhibitions have served as a conduit for forging relationships with fellow artists, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts, significantly contributing to the expansion of my professional network. Crucially, these exhibitions have engendered a platform for introspection and the exploration of innovative techniques and concepts, continuously enhancing the quality of my creative output. Exhibitions represent an indispensable facet of my artistic trajectory, endowing me with a wealth of valuable skills and multifaceted experiences.

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