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Before Unit3-Research Festival proposal

Fostering Divergent Thinking through Identity Exchange



This study explores the potential benefits of identity exchange in fostering divergent thinking and encouraging individuals to explore new topics. Over time, individuals tend to develop a fixed mindset that limits their willingness to explore unfamiliar subjects. Factors such as race, gender, and life roles can further restrict one's inclination to venture into certain fields of study. The present research aims to address this issue by stimulating new ways of thinking through the exchange of identities.



To initiate the process, participants will be provided with crayons to create visual representations of their current identities. This exercise will serve as a baseline for subsequent activities. To encourage divergent thinking, a variety of props and small cards will be employed to facilitate the exchange of identities among participants. Each individual will assume the perspective of a different identity and use this altered viewpoint to expand their thoughts on the selected topics.

Participants will be prompted to reflect on the themes they would explore and the corresponding content, methodologies, and materials they would employ if they were to adopt the assigned identity. Emphasis will be placed on generating detailed plans for completing the designated theme.

Use crayons to draw the current character identity, and then exchange the current social identity with some small objects, and then explore different themes. After the workshop is over, draw the current identity and then display it.


Results and Discussion:

Upon completing the mind mapping exercise, participants will have the opportunityy to share their work and engage in an evaluation session. The comprehensive nature of the completed mind maps will be regarded as indicative of successful divergent thinking. Moreover, the resulting display and evaluation will offer insights into the efficacy of the identity exchange process in stimulating fresh perspectives.

Furthermore, an additional aspect will be considered, namely the creation of a visual representation of each participant's current identity through painting. This optional activity aims to investigate how individuals perceive and depict their current characters, fostering further self-reflection and understanding among the participants.



This research seeks to enhance divergent thinking by promoting identity exchange among participants. By temporarily assuming different identities, individuals are encouraged to explore novel topics and expand their cognitive horizons. The study's findings will shed light on the effectiveness of this approach in fostering a more open and inclusive mindset. The results will contribute to the field of cognitive psychology and provide valuable insights for educators and individuals seeking to broaden their perspectives.

But about Research Festival proposal I also have option 2 to make an artist book. So let us see.

NEW ONE ZUOJIE LI (Oli Li)_Drawing_RF23_Proposal

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