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Unit 3 - Contexts | Mapping My Research

With Anna Bunting-Branch

During my participation in Anna's workshop, I initiated a contemplation on the research process pertaining to my chosen themes. For instance, while exploring the concept of hedonism, I encountered a dearth of instances involving artists. Although my passion lies in painting, I acknowledged the need to delve into diverse mediums. Therefore, I intend to incorporate additional artists in my future creations, thereby conducting extensive research and analysis on their chosen themes and materials. Furthermore, I aim to utilize and explore a wide range of media, as I recognize certain deficiencies in this particular domain.


Simultaneously, I find myself contemplating an essential aspect—how to effectively integrate the acquired research information within my artwork. This consideration arises from the desire to prompt viewers to engage in profound contemplation of the artwork, particularly in the present era of information proliferation. Having assimilated a substantial amount of material through my research endeavors, I have effectively assimilated and transformed this information into visual representations.

The workshop conducted by Anna prompted me to reflect upon the concepts of hedonism and individualism. These two values and life attitudes diverge in their treatment of personal interests, self-realization, and social relationships.


Hedonism primarily centers around personal happiness and satisfaction, prioritizing individual joy and enjoyment as the ultimate goal. It accentuates the pursuit of personal desires and interests, emphasizing individual happiness and contentment.


On the other hand, individualism places greater emphasis on individual autonomy, freedom, and rights. It highlights the realization of one's true self and independence, advocating for individuals to pursue their own goals, values, and achievements.

Regarding social relationships and cooperation, hedonism tends to emphasize individual competition and self-centeredness, potentially limiting cooperation and sharing among individuals. This emphasis on satisfying personal desires and pursuing individual interests may lead to a relative detachment between individuals and society.


In contrast, individualism emphasizes individual autonomy and independence without excluding social relationships and cooperation. It acknowledges the importance of individual interdependence and cooperation within society while upholding the respect for individual autonomy and rights.


Furthermore, hedonism tends to prioritize individual rights and personal satisfaction, placing relatively less emphasis on individual social responsibilities and obligations. On the other hand, individualism acknowledges that individuals have a responsibility to fulfill social obligations and assume corresponding responsibilities alongside the pursuit of personal interests.It is crucial to note that these two values are not diametrically opposed but exist along a complex spectrum of values. In real-life scenarios, the relationship between individuals and society is multifaceted and diverse, with individuals displaying varying characteristics of hedonism and individualism depending on different situations.

In my contemplation of hedonism, I have primarily approached it from a vertical perspective, focusing on its inherent concepts and implications. However, I have yet to extensively explore the interconnections between hedonism and other relevant philosophical terms. Recognizing the significance of this inquiry within the context of my mind map, I intend to undertake an exploration of the intricate relationships between various philosophical concepts that are closely associated with hedonism. This endeavor aims to deepen my understanding of hedonism's broader philosophical context and expand the scope of my intellectual inquiry.


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