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My study mostly focuses on social issues and phenomena. I am also sensitive to interpersonal emotional issues, psychological changes, and my own spiritual growth at the same time. likes to use humour and surrealism to describe situations. 

People around me don't want to have kids anymore, and 'human cubs' seem to be an expensive luxury item, therefore my study is focused on the natural surroundings in the Confucian cultural circle (mainly China, Japan, and Korea). Reasons for the fall in reproduction, ideas about how human civilization will develop in the future, and support for Epicurean hedonism.

The reason I use laser engraving is that the lines of the board are more natural black and maintain the texture and material of the electronic drawing, and the board can be laser engraved to show the bumpy effect. Another reason is that, from an olfactory point of view, laser engraving gives off the smell of burning objects, which suits the slightly more serious background of my subject.

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