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Unit 1 - Research Festival
Live Live

With Hayden Yan

Using materials taken form the Hayden's work,partcipants will use their own understanding of objects to create visual poetry and object theatre.

She stated during the session that you could reproduce and construct something that expressed your own ideas using the items she provided. When I look at her paintings, I see that they have a lot of repeating motions in their velocity, and the noises they make are also somewhat repetitive.I sense a sense of freedom and a sense of present feeling in so many of her pieces. She also brought a variety of daily spending receipts she had collected while a graduate student, and I was touching and feeling the objects she brought while wondering why she had chosen this colour and texture. When I first saw it, I thought, "This is amazing—isn't this our everyday routine?" Even though it often feels like every day is the same, things often change.

I created a film for the research course in which I used images and videos to document the whole learning experience. People intuitively experience the fascinating activity when excellent music and "repetitive" action are together. This may have also served as my inspiration for the video.


Editor: Oli Li Recording: Oli li

I reimagined Hayden Yan's artwork using my ideas, and I gave it the title "Nothing to See Here," which conveys the idea that even pointless things may be enjoyable and educational. The first component of creating is having pleasure. 

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