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UNIT 1 - Research Festival
Alternative Personas 

With Robert Mills

This mask making workshop invites participants to play and perform as a way to explore questions of existence that inspire Robert’s own researchh.

Robert poses the initial query, "Is the face we have right now our genuine face?" Maybe it's a mask. Are you certain that this image of yourself is you? 


In response to his query, I consider the face I am wearing to be both my true face and a mask that may or may not alter depending on my emotional state. I believe that the human face and body are only containers for the spirit.

In Robert's class, I wondered how I might be represented by a mask. including the significance of the mask. (I've seen a lot of people create masks before, but the meaning and way they think about them are very different, yet the subject of the same mask also has an impact on me.) Masks may be a way for me to defend myself. A mask can also be one that is worn actively or passively, one that is provided to you by someone else or one that you place on yourself. For me, the outward appearance is the active mask. It's what people think of you that you hide behind.

But in my research-sharing class today, the mask I created was a black face of a male; however, I added some pink eyebrows and brown mixed pink hair, as well as artificial eyelashes, because I found the mask to be too repetitive and dull. Initially, I intended to give this mask a personality, but now I don't think it's essential. But if you wanted to describe the mask with a few words, I'd say it may be odd and lovely.


Others help me create my own facial contours

Final mask


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